Technology of Welding and Joining

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June 2021
196 pages
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  • ISBN978-3-0365-0887-0 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Technology of Welding and Joining that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
In this book, you will find information on new materials and new welding technologies. Problems related to the welding of difficult-to-weld materials are considered and solved. The latest welding technologies and processes are presented. This book provides an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in the welding industry. Enjoy reading.
  • Hardback
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laser cladding; cryogenic conditions; Fe-based coatings; fiber laser; molybdenum alloy; welding; status; progress; high-energy ball milling; soldering; joining; microstructure; interface; Kovar alloy; DM305 electronic glass; glass solder; low temperature sealing; tin; electrochemical migration; dendrite; inhibitor; heat dissipation; interfacial heat transfer; SLID; Cu/Ga; low temperature bonding; thermal interface material (TIM); spray-deposited Al-Cu-Li alloy; GTAW; microstructure; welded joint; performance analysis; heat resistant steels; welding; post-weld heat treatment; microstructure; mechanical properties; stainless steels; weldability; aggressive environments; marine environments; heat input; laser welding; amorphous alloy; weld quality; three-dimensional metal waveguide components; ultrasonic welding; electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD); finite element method; recrystallization; civil engineering; mechanical engineering; transport; smart city; micro-jet welding; mechanical resistance; microstructure; mini-specimen; fracture; fatigue limit