Analysis, Design and Fabrication of Micromixers

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June 2021
224 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Analysis, Design and Fabrication of Micromixers that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences
This book includes an editorial and 12 research papers on micromixers collected from the Special Issue published in Micromachines. The topics of the papers are focused on the design of micromixers, their fabrication, and their analysis. Some of them proposed novel micromixer designs. Most of them deal with passive micromixers, but two papers report studies on electrokinetic micromixers. Fully three-dimensional (3D) micromixers were investigated in some cases. One of the papers applied optimization techniques to the design of a 3D micromixer. A review paper is also included and reports a review of recently developed passive micromixers and a comparative analysis of 10 typical micromixers.
  • Hardback
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passive micromixers; comparative analysis; Navier-Stokes equations; mixing index; pressure drop; mixing cost; micromachining; micro EDM milling; empirical modelling; micromixer; design for manufacturing; computational fluid dynamics; micromixers; acoustic micromixers; active micromixers; electromagnetic micromixers; voice-coil mixers; mixers; anti-reciprocity; electrical impedance; mechanical velocity; gyrator; electro-mechanical systems; micro heat exchanger; vortex shedding; thermal mixing; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); thermal engineering; three-dimensional (3D) printing; micronozzles; Y-shaped structure; mixing efficiency; histogram and standard deviation; micromixers; split-and-recombine; additive manufacturing; surface metrology; asymmetric split-and-recombine (ASAR); stereolithography; surface roughness; soft tooling; centrifugal microfluidics; micromixer; U-shaped channel; Coriolis force; flow visualization; mixing efficiency; microfluidics; T-shaped micromixer; vortex; obstacles; engulfment flow; particle tracking; micromixer; electrokinetic vortices; T-type microchannel; zeta potential ratio; length ratio; Navier–Stokes equations; mixing index; passive micromixers; optimization; RBNN; TLCCM configuration; mixing rate; kinematics; deformation; vorticity; stretching; folding; micromixer; diffusive mixing; passive mixing; fluid overlapping; sequential injection; segmentation; concentric flow; CFD; n/a