Systematics and Conservation of Neotropical Amphibians and Reptiles

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June 2021
552 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Systematics and Conservation of Neotropical Amphibians and Reptiles that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
Environmental & Earth Sciences
This book includes all 14 articles contributed to the Special Issue "Systematics and Conservation of Neotropical Amphibians and Reptiles” in the journal Diversity, originally published in 2019 and 2020.
  • Hardback
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UCE; phylogenetics; amphibians; Dendrobatidae; Aromobatidae; frogs; systematics; amphibian; chytridiomycosis; conservation; disease; enzootics; epizootics; population declines; Dactyloidae; ecomorphology; Iguania; Isla Cocos; Isla Gorgona; Isla Malpelo; island biogeography; lizards; neotropics; overwater dispersal; amphibians; ecomorphology; miniaturization; systematics; taxonomy; geographical range; habitat breadth; local abundance; threatened species; extinction risk; Viperidae; deforestation; timber harvest; fire; invasion of exotic plants; conservation; public policy; protected areas; critically endangered; data deficient; amphisbaenians; lizards; snakes; South America; taxonomy; Andes; conservation; Pacific coast; Perú; species description; threats; species richness; diversity gradient; community structure; reptiles; neotropics; Amazon; rainforest; lizard; snake; ecological niche modeling; potential species distribution; extant species distribution; conservation areas; amphibian; Andes; Cusco; high elevation; Neotropical; Qosqophryne; tropical mountain; systematic; taxonomy; anura; biogeography; centrolenidae; systematics; taxonomy; Bufonidae; cryptic species; forensic taxonomy; Great American Biotic Interchange; historical biogeography; Isthmus of Panama; Middle America; molecular phylogenetics; phylogeography; Cercosaurinae; Cercosaura manicata boliviana; Cusco; diversity; Machupicchu; Oxapampa; Pholidobolus anomalus; Peru; n/a