Advances in Industrial Crystallization

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June 2021
258 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advances in Industrial Crystallization that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
This Special Issue is result of a call for papers of the Section Industrial Crystallization of MDPI’s scientific journal Crystals. It addresses scientists and engineers active in research and process & product development in life-science industries (e.g. pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and biotechnology products) and bulk chemical applications (e.g. desalination) as well. The contributions comprise several fundamental and application-oriented facets of crystallization providing an overview of industrially relevant subjects in the field. Main issues cover phase equilibria and solid-state behavior of crystalline compounds, crystal shape and size and related measurement techniques. Melt and solution crystallization are considered specifically addressing contemporary aspects of continuous crystallization and process intensification.
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K-MER zeolite; synthesis parameter; morphology; cyanoethylation of methanol; catalyst; multi-dendrite motion; CA-LBM model; dendritic growth; natural convection; numerical simulation; melt crystallization; freeze crystallization (FC); recycling; ionic liquid (IL); solid–liquid equilibrium; cellulose; nanocrystals; modification; poly(butylene succinate); crystallization; kinetics; chirality; deracemization; preferential crystallization; racemic conglomerate; phase behavior; polymorphism; aryl glycerol ethers; spherical BaTiO3 nanoparticle; hydrothermal synthesis; nanoscale TiO2 seed; crystal growth; dielectric property; curcumin; purification; ternary mixture of curcuminoids; crystallization; reverse osmosis; membrane fouling; gypsum scaling; fluorescent-tagged polyacrylate; fluorescence; scale inhibition mechanisms; solvent effect; crystal habit; aspect ratio; molecular dynamics (MD); surface structure; amine; biocatalysis; enzyme; process intensification; crystallization; enantioselective; fluidized bed; continuous; preferential crystallization; chiral separation; racemate resolution; enantiomer; asparagine monohydrate; fine chemicals; continuous crystallization; crystal shape; process design; DTB crystallizer; scale up; L-serine; L-alanine; enantiomers; isomorphic miscibility; thermal expansion; PXRD; TRPXRD; optical measurement techniques; crystal size measurement; inline probe; crystal needles; microcrystals; microplate; grid scanning; in situ data collection; n/a