Genetics of Animal Health and Disease in Livestock

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June 2021
188 pages
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Wood surface attributes can be established by examining its several different physical or chemical properties. Differences in the wood surfaces occur between the manufacturing and post-treatment processes as well. Understanding how their unique anisotropic molecular organization, chemical linkages, branching, and other molecular features govern micro- and macroscale accessibility is essential for coating and complex modification processes. It is therefore important for scientific as well as practical reasons to qualify and quantify the effects of wood surface treatments and modifications. Challenges still exist to fully understanding the effect of the numerous applied chemicals and the wide range of treatment processes on wood surfaces.
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broiler; thermal manipulation; antioxidant; heat stress; cold stress; Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus; RNA-Seq; Transcriptome analysis; Holstein cattle; sheep; intersex; whole-genome resequencing; copy number variation; forming mechanism; dairy cattle diseases; innate immune system; metabolic stress; microbiome; mastitis; bovine mammary epithelial cells; inflammatory cytokines; NF-κB signaling; PRRs; TLRs; Piemontese breed; arthrogryposis; macroglossia; genetic model; TLR3; TLR4; TLR7; foals; immunostimulation; gene expression; bovine mastitis; JAK-STAT pathway; JAK2; STATs; SOCS3; immunity; milk production; DNA methylation; high-fat diet; rabbits; next generation sequencing; transcriptomics; bioinformatics; genome editing; disease resistance; livestock; dairy cattle; teat-end hyperkeratosis; udder health; somatic cell; genetic correlation; selection response; Holstein Friesian cattle; mastitis resistance; candidate genes; SNP selection; next-generation sequencing