Water Optics and Water Colour Remote Sensing

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October 2017
436 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Water Optics and Water Colour Remote Sensing that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences
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Lake Erie; MERIS; CoastColour; linear mixed effect model; chlorophyll-a; Secchi disk depth; lakes; CDOM; remote sensing; hyperspectral; Sentinel-2; chlorophyll-a; suspended matter; Landsat 8; Chlorophyll-a; remote sensing; MERIS; atmospheric correction; MODTRAN; 2Seacolor; C2R; Wadden Sea; particle cross-sectional area; remote sensing; retrieval model; the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea; Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI); light attenuation coefficient; optically active constituents; Northeast China; total suspended matter; water transparency; hyperspectral; airborne; atmospheric correction; ATCOR4; inland waters; water quality; in situ measurements; chlorophyll-a; remote sensing; suspended particulate matter; coastal waters; river plumes; multi-conditional algorithm; Cyanobacteria and macrophytes index; Floating algae index; Cyanobacteria blooms; aquatic macrophytes; Lake Taihu; MODIS; Western Adriatic Sea; CDOM; MODIS; remote sensing; primary production; VGPM model; Lake Taihu; carbon cycle; remote sensing estimation; chlorophyll-a estimation; fluorescence approach; King George Island; phytoplankton bloom; chlorophyll-a; hyperspectral; irrigation ponds; partial least squares regression; total suspended solids; urban lake water; water inundation frequency; Landsat; random forest; Wuhan urban agglomeration; climate change; wavy water; polarized refraction; skylight polarization; oceanic optics; Amazon inland water; MAIAC aerosol product; adjacency correction; TOA simulation; MODIS atmospheric product; atmospheric correction; Apalachicola Bay; Landsat; turbidity; bootstrapping; classification tree; PCA; turbidity maps; spatiotemporal variability; water quality; chlorophyll-a; near-coincident remote sensing; lakes; reflectance; classification; OWT; atmospheric correction; MERIS; OLCI; water quality; shallow productive estuary; chlorophyll-a; remote sensing; Sentinel; satellite data; long-term changes; sub-regions; Bohai Sea; signal-to-noise ratio; Remote Sensing Reflectance; bio-optical algorithms; inland waters; water optics; water colour remote sensing; bibliometric analysis; popular study topics; chlorophyll-a