Challenges and New Trends in Power Electronic Devices Reliability

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May 2021
228 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Challenges and New Trends in Power Electronic Devices Reliability that was published in

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The rapid increase in new power electronic devices and converters for electric transportation and smart grid technologies requires a deepanalysis of their component performances, considering all of the different environmental scenarios, overload conditions, and high stressoperations. Therefore, evaluation of the reliability and availability of these devices becomes fundamental both from technical and economicalpoints of view. The rapid evolution of technologies and the high reliability level offered by these components have shown that estimating reliability through the traditional approaches is difficult, as historical failure data and/or past observed scenarios demonstrate. With the aim topropose new approaches for the evaluation of reliability, in this book, eleven innovative contributions are collected, all focusedon the reliability assessment of power electronic devices and related components.

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photovoltaic system; battery; DC-coupled configuration; AC-coupled configuration; mission profile; reliability; LED; thermal cycling test; accelerated test; solder joint; cracks; current harmonics; voltage harmonics; power electronic converters; reliability; cables; capacitors; PPS; high-power thyristors; reverse recovery currents; electromagnetic launching field; segmented LSTM; microgrid inverter; IGBT reliability; online evaluation; fusion algorithm; multi-chip IGBT module; bond wire; module transconductance; temperature calibration; failure monitoring; reliability; sensor lamp; low-light mode; high-light mode; AC motor drive; junction temperature; lifetime prediction; power MOSFET; loss modeling; reliability; SiC MOSFET; AlGaN/GaN HEMT; cascode structure; single event effects; technology computer-aided design simulation; heavy-ion irradiation experiment; photovoltaic systems; DC/AC converter; reliability; maintenance; power system faults; availability; condition monitoring; junction temperature; power device; reliability; power electronics; n/a