Membrane Distillation Process

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May 2021
189 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Membrane Distillation Process that was published in

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The book deals with the latest research on membrane distillation. New membrane and module designs, low-temperature applications, integration with other membrane units and pilot scale investigations are presented and discussed.
  • Hardback
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FGD wastewater; integrated membrane-based process; zero liquid-discharge; sustainability; bioethanol; sweeping gas membrane distillation; SGMD; glucose; permeate flux; optimization; membrane distillation; triple layer composite membrane; highly concentrated solutions; PVDF; PES; membrane distillation; membrane stability; polypropylene; TIPS; talc; desalination; brine treatment; membrane distillation; pilot scale; permeate quality; membrane filtration; high salinity; desalination; membrane distillation; spacer-filled channel; temperature polarization; computational fluid dynamics; thermochromic liquid crystals; distillation; high recovery rate; brine concentration; zero liquid discharge; membrane distillation module; wastewater concentration; resource recovery; sweeping gas membrane distillation; 1,3-dimethyl-2-imidazolidinone; solvent dehydration; hollow-fiber membrane; multi-objective optimization; membrane distillation; submerged module; capillary membrane; direct contact membrane distillation; urea; low temperature; membrane distillation; composite membrane; plasma-polymerized hydrophobic fluorosiloxane coating; hydrophilic porous hollow-fiber substrate; n/a