Volatile Organic Compounds in Environment

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September 2017
130 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Volatile Organic Compounds in Environment that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences
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hazardous air pollutant; volatile organic compound; air quality monitoring; regulatory system; human carcinogen; ethanol; methanethiol (MT); absorption; removal formula; kinetic parameters; electronic nose; field olfactometry; landfill; odour; VOC (Volatile Organic Compound); Principle Component Analysis (PCA); k-Nearest Neighbours (kNN); photocatalysis; emission test chamber; volatile organic compounds; Selected Ion Flow Tube; VOCs; SIFT-MS; negative reagent ions; acid gases; low-cost sensors; VOC sensor systems; sensitivity; selectivity; virtual multisensor; calibration; chemical sensor; measurement; metrological parameters; VOC; IAQ; indoor/outdoor ratio; real-time monitoring; industrial area; cost-benefit analysis; VOC treatment; lean mixtures; reverse-flow reactor; Integrated Dynamic Decision Analysis; biotrickling filter; biofiltration; inhibition; solvents; n-butyl alcohol; elimination capacity