Ship Dynamics for Performance Based Design and Risk Averse Operations

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April 2021
264 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Ship Dynamics for Performance Based Design and Risk Averse Operations that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences
More than a century and half ago, William Froude and his son Robert [1,2] conducted the first scientifically designed towing tank experiments using scaled ship models traveling in calm water or waves. Since then, advances in mathematics and technology have led to the development of various methods for the assessment of the dynamic behavior of ships. Yet, as we enter the 2nd decade of the 21st century the advent of goal-based regulations and the emergence of safe and sustainable shipping standards still confront our ability to understand the fundamentals and assure absolute ship safety in design and operations. To instigate renewed interest in the well-rehearsed subject of ship dynamics this Special Issue presents a collection of 12 high-quality research contributions with a focus on the prediction and analysis of the dynamic behavior of ships in a stochastic environment. The papers presented are co-authored by leading subject matter experts from Europe, the Far East, and the USA. These papers will be of interest to academics, practitioners, and regulators involved in the progression of ship science, technical services, and safety standards.
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merchant shipping; EEOI; genetic algorithms; neural networks; ship dynamics; towing stability; towed vessel; nonlinear dynamics; towline; limit cycle; ship motions; green water impact; computational fluid dynamics; volume of fluid method; RANS; second order steady sway wave force; side drift force; empirical formula; 3D panel method; near-field method; maneuverability in waves; ship dynamics; ship manoeuvring; numerical simulations; parametric and synchronous roll; smart vessels; parametric roll; numerical simulations; direct stability assessment; statistical comparison; deterministic validation; ship dynamics; kite assisted propulsion; time-domain seakeeping simulations; dynamic coupling lock in effects; ship dynamics; hydroelasticity of ships; flexible fluid-structure interactions (FFSI); long term wave loads; passenger ships; nonlinear roll motion; FPSO; roll damping; roll decay; liquid cargo motion; planar motion mechanism; vortex identification; OmegaR; Liutex; naoe-FOAM-SJTU solver; full-scale; ice-induced load; load duration; load rise time; maneuvering; ice load frequency; ship motions; sectional loads; hydroelasticity; boundary element methods; CFD; validation; regular waves; steep irregular waves; n/a

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