Medical Informatics and Data Analysis

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March 2021
250 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Medical Informatics and Data Analysis that was published in

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During recent years, the use of advanced data analysis methods has increased in clinical and epidemiological research. This book emphasizes the practical aspects of new data analysis methods, and provides insight into new challenges in biostatistics, epidemiology, health sciences, dentistry, and clinical medicine. This book provides a readable text, giving advice on the reporting of new data analytical methods and data presentation. The book consists of 13 articles. Each article is self-contained and may be read independently according to the needs of the reader. The book is essential reading for postgraduate students as well as researchers from medicine and other sciences where statistical data analysis plays a central role.
  • Hardback
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modified stretched exponential function; age-dependent stretched exponent; characteristic life; maximum lifespan; South Korean female; Long-term care (LTC); importance-satisfaction (I-S) model; performance evaluation matrix (PEM); service quality performance matrix (SQPM); voice of customer (VOC); vocal fatigue; vocal distance dose; neck surface accelerometer; medical informatics; statistical computing; data analysis; retirement threshold; decision support system; heuristic approach; surgery scheduling; software tool; case study; prostate cancer; castration-resistant prostate cancer; deep learning; phased long short-term memory; data analysis; statistics; reporting; data presentation; publications; medicine; health care; ICD coding; hierarchical classification; electronic healthcare; data mining; data anonymization; health; cervical injury; neck pain; inertial sensors; Active Contour Models; snake segmentation; GVF; prostate imaging; biostatistics; GLM; skewed data; t-test; Type I error; power simulation; Monte Carlo; deep belief network; heart disease diagnosis; sparse FCM; bird swarm algorithm; mathematical models; Iterative simulation; compartmental model; diabetes control; mobile assistant; n/a

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