Urban Atmospheric Aerosols

Sources, Analysis and Effects

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February 2021
146 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Urban Atmospheric Aerosols: Sources, Analysis and Effects that was published in

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The challenges faced by the atmospheric research community today are vast, complex, and multi-faceted. The book Urban Atmospheric Aerosols: Sources, Analysis, and Effects highlights important aspects concerning the chemical and optical properties, size distribution, sources, and potential health effects of fine urban air particles (PM2.5). The physical and chemical characterization of PM2.5, its source assignment, and the assessment of the magnitude and distribution of its emissions are crucial for establishing effective fine air particle regulations and assessing the associated risks to human health. This book brings together eight papers covering the main topics of the field and will be of interest to researchers who are interested in air quality in outdoor and indoor environments, air particle toxicity, and atmospheric chemistry, as well as global climate modelers.
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Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit; PM2.5; trace elements; source apportionment; aerosol optical depth MODIS; urbanization; DEM; spearman rank correlation; PM2.5; organic aerosol; water-soluble ions; organic nitrogen; aerosol mass spectrometry; MODIS aerosol product; Collection 6.1; heavy aerosol loading; AERONET; submicron; coarse; modal structure; meteorological effect; particle number size distribution; seasonal; diurnal; resuspension; household dust; PM10; organic and elemental carbon; phthalic acid esters; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; atmospheric particle-bound mercury; atmospheric particulate matter; sources contributions; Atlantic coastal European region; toxicity prediction; urban atmospheric aerosols; primary organic aerosols; secondary organic aerosols; chemical composition; toxic elements; particle size characterization; urban air quality; indoor air pollution