Recent Investigations of Differential and Fractional Equations and Inclusions

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February 2021
190 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Recent Investigations of Differential and Fractional Equations and Inclusions that was published in

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During the past decades, the subject of calculus of integrals and derivatives of any arbitrary real or complex order has gained considerable popularity and impact. This is mainly due to its demonstrated applications in numerous seemingly diverse and widespread fields of science and engineering. In connection with this, great importance is attached to the publication of results that focus on recent and novel developments in the theory of any types of differential and fractional differential equation and inclusions, especially covering analytical and numerical research for such kinds of equations. This book is a compilation of articles from a Special Issue of Mathematics devoted to the topic of “Recent Investigations of Differential and Fractional Equations and Inclusions”. It contains some theoretical works and approximate methods in fractional differential equations and inclusions as well as fuzzy integrodifferential equations. Many of the papers were supported by the Bulgarian National Science Fund under Project KP-06-N32/7. Overall, the volume is an excellent witness of the relevance of the theory of fractional differential equations.
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weakly upper semicontinuous; essential maps; homotopy; Riemann-Liouville fractional differential equation; delay; lower and upper solutions; monotone-iterative technique; homoclinic solutions; fourth-order p-Laplacian differential equations; minimization theorem; Clark’s theorem; exponential dichotomy; roughness; asymptotically constant matrices; double fuzzy Sumudu transform; partial Volterra fuzzy integro-differential equations; n-th order fuzzy partial H-derivative; m-dissipative operators; limit solutions; integral solutions; one-sided Perron condition; Banach spaces; fixed point; complete metric space; fractional differential equations; optimal feedback control; Voigt model; alpha-model; fractional derivative; Riemann–Liouville fractional differential equations; nonlocal boundary conditions; positive solutions; existence; multiplicity; Caputo derivative; Riemann–Liouville integral; multipoint and sub-strip boundary conditions; existence; fixed point theorem; fractional Navier–Stokes equations; variable delay; modified fractional Halanay inequality; generalized comparison principle; dissipativity; Fourier-Laplace transforms; porous material; eigenvalues method; fractional time derivative