Membrane Distillation

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July 2017
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membrane distillation; post-treatment; annealing; PVDF-HFP; crystallinity; process engineering; membrane operations; desalination; metrics; membrane distillation; wetting; sodium dodecyl sulfate; hexadecane; membrane distillation; polyvinylidene fluoride; hydrophobic; non-solvent-induced phase separation; vapor-induced phase separation; exergy; energy; membrane distillation; specific heat; entropy; efficiency; membrane distillation; osmotic distillation; osmotic membrane distillation; fouling; organic fouling; scaling; biofouling; fouling characterization; fouling reduction; antiscalant; membrane distillation; vacuum membrane distillation; ceramic hollow fiber membrane; hydrophobicity; water desalination; ceramic membranes; non-fluorinated alkylsilanes; air-gap membrane distillation