Real-Time Optimization

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July 2017
254 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Real-Time Optimization that was published in

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process optimization; batch processes; process control; constrained optimization; sensitivity; real-time optimization; batch diafiltration; membrane fouling; time-optimal operation; fouling estimation; static real-time optimization (RTO); on-line optimization; optimizing control; repeated identification and optimization; numerical methods; industrial RTO systems; real-time optimization; modifier adaptation; quadratic approximation; shockless explosion combustion; constant volume combustion; extremum seeking control; model predictive control; energy efficiency; iron and steel; austenitization; real-time optimization (RTO); uncertainty; worst case optimization; scenario tree; gas lift optimization; real-time optimization; modifier adaptation; plant-model mismatch; modifier approach; directional-modifier adaptation; experimental design; optimality loss function; model predictive control (MPC); real-time optimization (RTO); economic model predictive control (EMPC); modifier-adaptation; real-time optimization; model predictive control; petrol refineries; hydrogen networks; fast economic NMPC; NLP sensitivity; path-following algorithm; nonlinear programming; dynamic optimization; feedback optimal control algorithm; optimal experimental design; sampling time points; Pontryagin’s Maximum Principle; n/a

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