Special Issue of the Manufacturing Engineering Society 2019 (SIMES-2019)

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January 2021
184 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Special Issue of the Manufacturing Engineering Society 2019 (SIMES-2019) that was published in

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This Special Issue of the Manufacturing Engineering Society 2019 (SIMES-2019) has been launched as a joint issue of the journals Applied Sciences and Materials. The 10 contributions published in this Special Issue of Applied Sciences present cutting-edge advances in the field of manufacturing engineering, focusing on production planning, sustainability, metrology, cultural heritage, and materials processing, with experimental and numerical results. It is worth mentioning that the topic “production planning” has attracted a great number of contributions in this journal, due to their applicative approach.
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2D positioning control; nanopositioning; Halbach linear motors; positioning uncertainty; hyperspectral imaging; pigment analysis; cultural heritage; conservation; cultural management; visual enhancement; rock art; cartography; 3D printing; additive manufacturing; fused deposition modeling (FDM); minor surgery; primary care; surgical training; initial population; data mining; multi-variety; machine learning; production planning; capacity planning; digital twin; forecasting; viable system model; simulation; system dynamics; customer demand; demand planning; automotive; military logistics; lean management; DMAIC; VSM-VSD; engineer-to-order; order management process; production planning and control; capacity planning; maintenance management; order-to-delivery; agent-based simulation; metallurgical industry; Inconel 718; Inco718; springback; bauschinger; autoform; stack drilling; CFRP/CFRP laminates; multiple sensor monitoring; tool wear evaluation; dry turning; surface roughness; microhardness; UNS A97075; aluminum alloys; additive manufacturing; 3D printing; forming; machining; metrology; production planning; technological and industrial heritage; industry 4.0; green manufacturing