Entrepreneurial Finance at the Dawn of Industry 4.0

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December 2020
108 pages
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The advent of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, brings about both opportunities and challenges that are likely to set developed economies even farther apart from emerging economies. This book, through the perspective of researchers in the emerging markets, presents analyses on a number of issues important to entrepreneurial finance, such as debt financing, mergers and acquisitions, stock market efficiency, resource allocation and consumption, and sustainable development. It aims at improving our understanding of the financing needs as well as the financial risks involved in entrepreneurial endeavors in less developed settings in the new era.
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competition; wage; net income per employee; firm performance; productivity; Vietnam; listed company; adaptive market hypothesis; market efficiency; autocorrelation; M&A; wealth effects; propensity score matching; emerging markets; environmental Kuznets curve (EKC); Industry 4.0; information and communications technology (ICT); wave of environmentalism; energy intensive industry; income elasticity of CO2; U-shaped relationship; entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial finance; Vietnam; English training; entrepreneurial opportunities; edtech; Industry 4.0; finance performance; computational entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial finance; emerging markets; Industry 4.0; sustainable development