Development of Alternative Green Sample Preparation Techniques

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November 2020
230 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Development of Alternative Green Sample Preparation Techniques that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
The Special Issue of Separations, “Development of Alternative Green Sample Preparation Techniques”, provides an overview on recent trends in green sample preparation. This Special Issue of Separations collates 11 impressive contributions that describe the state-of-the-art in the development of green extraction technologies, from green materials for microextraction to the development of new sampling devices geometries for enhanced extraction efficiency and analysis throughput.
  • Hardback
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Gac; seeds; Momordica cochinchinensis; extraction; trypsin inhibitors; optimisation; freeze drying; response surface methodology; metal-organic frameworks; analytical chemistry; sorbent materials; stationary phases; sensors; sample preparation; green considerations; biosorbents; microextraction; organic compounds; green extraction phases; TF-SPME; microextraction; thermal desorption; environmental analysis; flavor and fragrance; onsite sampling; in vivo analysis; ultra-trace analysis; bar adsorptive microextraction; floating sampling technology; high-performance liquid chromatography; polar UV filters; real matrices; foodomics; Brazilian yeast; craft beer; sensomics; automation; sample handling; sample preparation; chemical warfare agent; SPE; LLE; non-invasive sampling; wearable devices; extractive patches; skin sampling; passive sampling; green sampling technologies; microextraction techniques; body fluids; bioactive compounds; clinical and forensic analysis; metal extraction; liquid–liquid extraction; solid-phase extraction; solid-phase microextraction; green extraction methods; SPME; green chemistry; air sampling; complex matrices; mass spectrometry; n/a