Land Use and Water Quality

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November 2020
248 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Land Use and Water Quality that was published in

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This collection of 11 papers introduces broad topics covering various professional disciplines related to the research arena of land use and water quality. The papers exemplify the important links between agriculture and water quality in surface and ground waters as well as the pollution problems around urban areas. Advancement of new technologies for analyzing links between land use and water quality problems as well as insights into new tools for analyzing large monitoring datasets are highlighted in this collection of papers.
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nitrate; groundwater; source apportionment; modelling; nitrogen sources; leachate rate; water quality; machine learning; recurrent neural network; PCA; DST; software; model; drinking water; diffuse pollution; catchment management; farm management; farm advisors; agricultural impact; stream; nitrogen concentration; nitrogen losses; eutrophication; N sources; spatiotemporal patterns of pollution; N transport processes; Qiandao Lake Basin; fertilization; stream water pollution; land use pattern; scale effect; redundancy analysis; urbanization; nitrogen budget; nitrogen balance; water pollution; nitrates; agriculture; drinking water; deficit analysis; phosphorus; inland surface waters; Water Framework Directive; LAWA; Schleswig-Holstein; climate change; nitrogen budget; nitrogen balance; water quality; land management; extreme weather events; water quality; concentration–discharge relationship; export behaviour; hysteresis; PCA; lag times; link indicator; nitrate; agriculture; drinking water; DPLSIR framework; land use; water quality; nutrients; surplus; management; mitigation measures; monitoring and mapping technologies