Applications of Operational Research and Mathematical Models in Management

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November 2020
182 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Applications of Operational Research and Mathematical Models in Management that was published in

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This book, Applications of Operational Research and Mathematical Models in Management, includes all the papers published in the Mathematics Special Issue with the same title. All the published papers are of high quality and were subjected to rigorous peer review. Mathematics is included in the Science Citation Index (Web of Science), and its current Impact Factor is 1.747. The papers in this book deal with on R&D performance models, methods for ranking the perspectives and indicators of a balance scorecard, robust optimization model applications, integrated production and distribution problem solving, demand functions, supply chain games, probabilistic optimization and profit research, coordinated techniques for order preference, robustness approaches in bank capital optimization, and hybrid methods for tourism demand forecasting. All the papers included contribute to the development of research.
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tourism management; hybrid method; fruit fly optimization algorithm; neural network; web search data; forecast of daily tourism demand; optimization method; robust optimization; capital to risk asset ratio; chance constraint; safety-first principle; Basel III; capital requirements; TOPSIS; coordinated TOPSIS; decision-making; assessment; coefficient of variation; information entropy; probabilistic analysis; optimization; Lagrange equations; operations research; bomb fragmentation; digital supply chain; smart contracts; dynamic inventory; revenue sharing contract; dual-channel; two sales periods; channel structure strategy; strategic consumers; Nash game; integrated; production scheduling; distribution; large neighborhood search algorithm; robust optimization; duality theory; uncertain set; logistics production; inventory process; balanced scorecard; Bradley-Terry; performance evaluation; software factory; multiple-criteria decision-making; AHP; value relevance; book value; abnormal earnings; R & D; panel data

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