Mathematics and Engineering

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October 2020
306 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Mathematics and Engineering that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
Physical Sciences
Public Health & Healthcare
This book is a compilation of works covering applied mathematical methods and their applications in complex engineering problems. The methods covered in this book include modeling and simulation, computation, analysis, control, optimization, data science, and machine learning. The engineering application topics include but are not limited to environmental engineering, cybersecurity, transportation, agriculture, smart grid, and next-generation manufacturing.
  • Hardback
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Phoronomics; mechanics; kinetics; kinematics; direction cosines; Euler angles; space dynamics; digital computation; control systems; control engineering; industrial cyber-physical systems; cyber-attacks; neural network; model predictive control; nonlinear chemical processes; network classification; network evolution; network symmetries; Green’s symmetry problem; network invariants; network internal dynamics; symmetry ensembles; propensities; energy; opening capability; security; smart grid; group signature; anonymous signature; autonomous vehicle; target detection; multi-sensors; fusion; YOLO; linear response eigenvalue problem; block methods; weighted Golub-Kahan-Lanczos algorithm; convergence analysis; thick restart; mining vibrating screen; theoretical rigid body model; spring failures diagnosis; amplitudes change; real-time optimization; nonlinear processes; process control; model predictive control; chemical reactor control; distillation column control; energy-based control; payload swing attenuation; linear matrix inequalities; quadrotor; larger Lipschitz constants; comparative advantage; transaction cost; specialized production; infra-marginal model; agricultural division of labor; velocity-slip; temperature-jump; homotopy analysis method; nanofluids; power-law fluids; state estimation; parameter estimation; moving horizon estimation; extended kalman filter; ensemble kalman filter; richards equation; agro-hydrological systems; economic model predictive control; chemical processes; responsive control; artificial intelligence; interpretability; controller verification; seashore soft soil; cement; sulfuric acid erosion; stress–strain behavior; mathematical model; Micro Grid; optimization theory; optimization; smart grid; MATLAB simulation

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