Smart Monitoring and Control in the Future Internet of Things

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October 2020
206 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Smart Monitoring and Control in the Future Internet of Things that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
The Internet of Things (IoT) and related technologies have the promise of realizing pervasive and smart applications which, in turn, have the potential of improving the quality of life of people living in a connected world. According to the IoT vision, all things can cooperate amongst themselves and be managed from anywhere via the Internet, allowing tight integration between the physical and cyber worlds and thus improving efficiency, promoting usability, and opening up new application opportunities. Nowadays, IoT technologies have successfully been exploited in several domains, providing both social and economic benefits. The realization of the full potential of the next generation of the Internet of Things still needs further research efforts concerning, for instance, the identification of new architectures, methodologies, and infrastructures dealing with distributed and decentralized IoT systems; the integration of IoT with cognitive and social capabilities; the enhancement of the sensing–analysis–control cycle; the integration of consciousness and awareness in IoT environments; and the design of new algorithms and techniques for managing IoT big data. This Special Issue is devoted to advancements in technologies, methodologies, and applications for IoT, together with emerging standards and research topics which would lead to realization of the future Internet of Things.
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atmospheric; on-line monitoring; LoRa; embedded system; smart environments; Internet of Things; indoor occupancy; machine learning; data analysis; landslide susceptibility; China-Nepal Highway; machine learning; LSTM; remote sensing images; IoT; network traffic; monitoring; DDoS; packet classification; indoor localization; channel state information; device-free passive; WiFi fingerprint; naive Bayes classification; feature fusion; posture recognition; indoor positioning; wireless body area network; Kalman filtering; multi-sensor combination; prognostic and health management; integrative framework; internet of things; convolutional neural network; conditioned-based maintenance; IoT platform; intelligent monitoring robot; active CCTV; learning model; machine learning; convolutional neural network; electrical devices; classification; energy management; machine learning; smart environment; architecture; blockchain; communication constraints; decentralized application; Ethereum; Internet of things; sensing and control; computational efficiency; robotic manipulators; hysteresis; adaptive control; wireless sensor network (WSN); energy; ant colony optimization (ACO); routing algorithm; quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithms

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