Improved Analytical Technologies for the Detection of Natural Toxins and Their Metabolites in Food

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September 2020
156 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Improved Analytical Technologies for the Detection of Natural Toxins and Their Metabolites in Food that was published in

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Food, by nature, is a biological substrate and is therefore capable of supporting the growth of microbials that are potential producers of toxic compounds. Among them mycotoxins, marine biotoxins, plant toxins, cyanogenic glycosides, and toxins occurring in poisonous mushrooms pose not only a risk to both human and animal health but also impact food security and nutrition by reducing people’s access to healthy food. This book collects some of the recent key improvements of analytical methodologies for the detection of natural toxins and their metabolites in food, and highlights the challenges yet to be resolved. Special emphasis is given to emerging or less-investigated toxins, to provide the scientific community with new tools and/or data supporting a better understanding of related food safety issues.
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citreoviridin; antibody; immunoassay; rice; amatoxins; amanitins; immunoassay; monoclonal antibodies; ELISA; death cap mushrooms; LC-MS; pyrrolizidine alkaloid; honey; Parsonsia straminea; lycopsamine; indicine; Heliotropium amplexicaule; two dimensional layered nanomaterials; electrochemical biosensors; microbial toxin detection; antibodies; aptamers; lateral flow immunoassay; amatoxins; amanitins; point-of-care; mushroom poisoning; oleandrin; LC-MS/MS; plant toxins; validation; herbs; urine; Aflatoxin M1; milk; strip test immunoassay; ELISA; method validation; CBA-N2a; standardization; matrix effects; absorbance data; ciguatoxins; brevetoxins; saxitoxins; biological sample; seafood safety; n/a

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