The Effect of Hydrology on Soil Erosion

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August 2020
244 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue The Effect of Hydrology on Soil Erosion that was published in

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This Special Issue includes manuscripts about soil erosion and degradation processes and the accelerated rates due to hydrological processes and climate change. The new research included in this issue focuses on measurements, modeling, and experiments in field or laboratory conditions developed at different scales (pedon, hillslope, and catchment). This Special Issue received investigations from different parts of the world such as Ethiopia, Morocco, China, Iran, Italy, Portugal, Greece, and Spain, among others. We are happy to see that all papers presented findings characterized as unconventional, provocative, innovative, and methodologically new. We hope that the readers of the journal Water can enjoy and learn about hydrology and soil erosion using the published material, and share the results with the scientific community, policymakers, and stakeholders to continue this amazing adventure, facing plenty of issues and challenges.
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soil; natural resources; modeling; hybrid model; Bastam watershed; splash erosion; environmental assessment; soil erosion; rainfall simulation; loess landslide; agricultural irrigation; field investigation; static liquefaction; soil erosion; soil erosion; RUSLE; soil erodibility; gravel content; Chaohu Lake Basin; vineyards; soil management; tractor traffic; hydrological properties; erosion; runoff; hydraulic conductivity; soil water conservation; soil erosion; argan; South Morocco; soil degradation; tree; intertree; Ethiopian highlands; eucalyptus; gully; soil loss; soil and water conservation practices; gully erosion susceptibility; GIS; robustness; MARS algorithm; rainfall-runoff processes; soil erosion; hillslope morphology; surface flow; roughness; land degradation; soil erosion; soil conservation; remote sensing; urbanization; land-use; suspended sediment concentration; spatiotemporal variation; hydrological processes; soil erosion; different scales; models; experiments