Integral Transformations, Operational Calculus and Their Applications

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August 2020
220 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Integral Transformations, Operational Calculus and Their Applications that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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This volume consists of a collection of 14 accepted submissions (including several invited feature articles) to the Special Issue of MDPI's journal Symmetry on the general subject area of integral transformations, operational calculus and their applications from many different parts around the world. The main objective of the Special Issue was to gather review, expository, and original research articles dealing with the state-of-the-art advances in integral transformations and operational calculus as well as their multidisciplinary applications, together with some relevance to the aspect of symmetry. Various families of fractional-order integrals and derivatives have been found to be remarkably important and fruitful, mainly due to their demonstrated applications in numerous diverse and widespread areas of mathematical, physical, chemical, engineering, and statistical sciences. Many of these fractional-order operators provide potentially useful tools for solving ordinary and partial differential equations, as well as integral, differintegral, and integro-differential equations; fractional-calculus analogues and extensions of each of these equations; and various other problems involving special functions of mathematical physics and applied mathematics, as well as their extensions and generalizations in one or more variables.
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Stancu-type Bernstein operators; Bézier bases; Voronovskaja-type theorems; modulus of continuity; rate of convergence; bivariate operators; approximation properties; statistical convergence; P-convergent; statistically and relatively modular deferred-weighted summability; relatively modular deferred-weighted statistical convergence; Korovkin-type approximation theorem; modular space; convex space; N-quasi convex modular; N-quasi semi-convex modular; vehicle collaborative content downloading; fuzzy comprehensive evaluation; VANET; delay differential equations; integral operator; periodic solutions; subordinations; exponential function; Hankel determinant; fractional differential equations with input; Mittag-Leffler stability; left generalized fractional derivative; ρ-Laplace transforms; functional integral equations; Banach algebra; fixed point theorem; measure of noncompactness; Geometric Function Theory; q-integral operator; q-starlike functions of complex order; q-convex functions of complex order; (δ,q)-neighborhood; meromorphic multivalent starlike functions; subordination; univalent function; symmetric differential operator; unit disk; analytic function; subordination; analytic functions; q-integral operator; conic region; analytic function; Hadamard product; differential subordination; differential superordination; generalized fractional differintegral operator; Convex function; Simpson’s rule; differentiable function; weights; positive integral operators; convolution operators; n/a