Calibration/Validation of Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometers and Applications

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February 2017
558 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometers and Applications that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences
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VIIRS LST EDR; split window algorithm; surface type dependency; LST uncertainty; Suomi NPP; VIIRS; calibration; reprocessing; SST; S-NPP VIIRS; three-way error analysis; Taylor diagram; NAVO; Suomi NPP; ice surface temperature; Environmental Data Record; calibration and validation; VIIRS; DNB; NCC; imagery; validation; Alaska; KPP; S-NPP; VIIRS; lunar calibration; lunar band ratio; calibration coefficients; F-factor; Solar Diffuser; Miller and Turner; radiometric stability; nighttime light; socio-economic statistics; visible infrared imaging radiometer suite (VIIRS); day-night band; DMSP-OLS; VIIRS; band-to-band registration; Moon; spatial characterization; Suomi NPP; VIIRS; calibration stability monitoring; deep convective clouds; reflective solar bands; visible near infrared bands; shortwave infrared bands; day-night-band; EVI; VIIRS; MODIS; spectral compatibility; cross-calibration; CMG data; JPSS; SNPP; VIIRS; pre-launch; radiometric; performance; calibration; spectral; JPSS; VIIRS; calibration; pre-launch; thermal bands; VIIRS; MODIS; AIRS; CrIS; thermal emissive bands; calibration; cross-calibration; spectral adjustment; bidirectional reflectance distribution function model; FY-3C/VIRR; NPP/VIIRS; VIIRS; CrIS; inter-calibration; collocation; cloud detection; VIIRS; MODIS; imagery; bow-tie; aggregation; deletion; SST; S-NPP; VIIRS; on-orbit; radiometric; performance; calibration; remote sensing; calibration algorithm; calibration equations; SI traceability; LEO and GEO optical sensors; JPSS; S-NPP; calibration; validation; AIT; AMP; NJO; IDPS; NDE; JSTAR; L1RDS; remote sensing; nighttime lights; Day/Night Band; VIS/NIR; VIIRS; on-orbit calibration; stray light; moon; VIIRS; calibration; thermal; emissive; reflective solar; RVS; Suomi NPP; VIIRS; striping; LBLRTM; detector level Relative Spectral Response (RSR); striping index; atmospheric dependency; noise; stability; ocean color radiometry; reflectance; ship-borne radiometry; validation; VIIRS; MODIS; thermal emissive bands; Dome Concordia; calibration; Himawari AHI; GOES-R ABI; S-NPP VIIRS; inter-calibration; collocation; ray-matching; solar reflective bands; Deep Convective Cloud (DCC); VIIRS; reflective solar bands; radiance; solar diffuser; moon; calibration; ocean color remote sensing; SST; AHI; VIIRS; MODIS; Himawari-8; S-NPP; Terra; Aqua; MICROS; ACSPO; solar diffuser; spectral dependent degradation; surface roughness; VIIRS; Rayleigh scattering; retrieval; VIIRS; LAI; FAPAR; GLASS; VIIRS; SCIAMACHY; Day-Night Band; M bands; calibration; radiance; reflectance; RSR; BRDF; Libya 4; Dome C; Suomi NPP; VIIRS; reprocessing; geolocation error assessment; calibration stability monitoring; JPSS; VIIRS; calibration; pre-launch; thermal emissive; reflective solar; RVS