Power Electronic Converter Configuration and Control for DC Microgrid Systems

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July 2020
276 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Power Electronic Converter Configuration and Control for DC Microgrid Systems that was published in

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The DC/AC microgrid system is a crucial empowering technology for the integration of various types of renewable energy sources (RES) accompanied by a smart control approach to enhance the system reliability and efficiency. This book presents cutting-edge technology developments and recent investigations performed with the help of power electronics. Large-scale renewable energy integration presents challenges and issues for power grids. In particular, these issues include microgrid adaption to RES, AC machines, the new configuration of AC/DC converters, and electrification of domestic needs with optimal cost expenses from domestic standalone microgrids. Furthermore, this book elaborates cutting-edge developments in electric vehicle fast charging configuration, battery management, and control schemes with renewable energies through hardware-in-loop testing and validation for performance durability in real-time application. Overall, the book covers the diverse field of microgrids, allowing readers to adopt new technologies and prepare for future power demands with sustainable green engineering.

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renewable energy sources; energy storage system; voltage; frequency; grid integration; multi-channel power exchange; microgrid; power electronics-based source/loads; distributed generators; critical loads; uninterruptable power supply; power exchange efficiency; DC grid; microgrid; DC-DC converter; renewable energy; three-port converter; parameters change; mixed sensitivity; H control; Hybrid Microgrid; Battery Electric Vehicle; Energy management strategy; Vehicle-to-Vehicle Charging; Energy Storage Unit; permanent magnet synchronous generators; wind energy conversion system; finite element analysis; soft computing techniques.; DC–DC; double stage; double output; fuel cell; step-up; vehicular system; X–Y converter family; DC-DC/DC-AC power converter; electric vehicle; multi-input converter; sliding mode control; photovoltaic module; grid; renewable energies; energy storage system; wireless power transfer system; DC-DC power conversion; photovoltaic power system; battery; cascaded H-Bridge; chopper; energy storage; multi-level; PV inverter; impedance source; multilevel inverter; coupled inductors; space vector pulse PWM; photovoltaic connected inverter; digital robust RST controller; Chebyshev sphere constraint; DC-DC power converter; parametric uncertainties