Air Quality and Source Apportionment

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December 2016
242 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Air Quality and Source Apportionment that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
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daily SO2; NO2; PM10 concentration; a selection sample rule; BP neural network; meteorological similarity; variation consistency; PM2.5; trace metals; enrichment factor; ionic species; emissions sources; fire; aerosol; ground-based aerosol monitoring; fire identification; air pollution; Land use regression; chemistry-transport dispersion-model; water-soluble ions; iron (Fe) speciation; enrichment factor (EF); lead (Pb) isotopes; ICP-MS; biomass burning; organic aerosol; black carbon; levoglucosan; Las Vegas; source apportionment; aerosol mass spectrometer; elementary school; organic aerosol; ambient measurements; diurnal variation; positive matrix factorization; fine dust; Arctic desert; close-to-ultrafine natural particles; volcanic ash; organic aerosols; molecular characterization; UHR-MS; NMR; principal component analysis; biomass burning aerosols; urban aerosols; marine aerosols; aerosol source apportionment; source apportionment; sulfate; nitrate; CAMx; PSAT