The Multiverse

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June 2020
238 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue The Multiverse that was published in

Physical Sciences

The multiverse is a concept that acknowledges the existence of a multiplicity of worlds or universes. The designs of these universes do not have to be the same as our universe, but we have no clear view of what the “other” designs might be. It is suspected that they can obey different laws of physics and different constants of physics, which further implies different chemistry, biology, and life. Some say that the universes within the multiverse allow for different mathematics or even for different metamathematical logic. This book discusses most of the above aspects of the multiverse concept starting with the philosophy, through all the mathematical and physical subtleties, finally exploring the origin of life and consciousness. This book provides a satisfying intellectual exploration of front-edge advances in contemporary cosmology.

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