Plasma Technology for Biomedical Applications

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May 2020
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There is growing interest in the use of physical plasmas (ionized gases) for biomedical applications, especially in the framework of so-called “plasma medicine”, which exploits the action of low-power, atmospheric pressure plasmas for therapeutic purposes. Such plasmas are “cold plasmas”, in the sense that only electrons have a high temperature, whereas ions and the neutral gas particles are at or near room temperature. As a consequence, the “plasma flame” can be directly applied to living matter without appreciable thermal load. Reactive chemical species, charged particles, visible and UV radiation, and electric fields are interaction channels of the plasma with pathogens, cells, and tissues, which can trigger a variety of different responses. Possible applications include disinfection, wound healing, cancer treatment, non-thermal blood coagulation, just to mention some. The understanding of the mechanisms of plasma action on living matter requires a strongly interdisciplinary approach, with competencies ranging from plasma physics and technology to chemistry, to biology and finally to medicine. This book is a collection of work that explores recent advances in this field.
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kINPen; lymphocytes; macrophages; plasma medicine; reactive species; plasma-activated medium; reactive oxygen species; apoptosis; oxygen plasma; Escherichia coli; bio-decontamination; cold argon plasma; head and neck squamous cell carcinoma; apoptosis; keratinocytes; plasma medicine; cold atmospheric plasmas; plasma medicine; dentistry; tooth whitening; fear-free dentistry; inductively-limited discharge; plasma-treated water; tap water; antimicrobial activity; atmospheric pressure plasma; developmental plasticity; metamorphosis; mitochondria; regeneration; tadpoles; ultrastructure; plasma; RONS; low-current arc; water treatment; antimicrobial activity; biofilm; decontamination; dielectric barrier discharge; infection; jet plasma; non-thermal plasma; cold atmospheric plasma jet; plasma device; bio-target; plasma-surface interaction; atmospheric pressure plasma jet (APPJ); cold atmospheric plasma (CAP); plasma medicine; blood coagulation; tissue damage; n/a

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