Zeolite Catalysis

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October 2016
274 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Zeolite Catalysis that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
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lower olefins; cracking of triglyceride; ZSM-5; SBA-15; FCC; adsorption; diffusion; mesoporous beta zeolite; xylene isomers; hierarchically zeolites composites; yolk/core-shell structured TS-1 zeolite; hydroxylation of phenol; membrane reactor; permselectivity; permselective zeolite membrane; zeolite membrane reactor; packed bed membrane reactor; catalytic membrane reactor; zeolite membrane coating; zeolite capsuled catalyst; equilibrium shift; phenol; benzoic acid; hydroxybenzophenone; H-beta; benzoylation; acylation; zeolites; Lewis acid; TS-1; H2O2; sustainable chemistry; epoxidation; catalysis; n-hexane cracking; propylene; beta zeolite; dealumination; desilication; Lewis acid sites; mesopores; n-butane; catalytic conversion; bifunctional catalyst; ZSM-5 hollow fiber; Ga2O3; m-cresol; hydrodeoxygenation; methanol; p-/m-xylene; methylation; ZSM-5; biomass; sugar cane; zeolite synthesis; Si/Al; TiO2; PCO; photocatalytic activity; NOx; XRD; SEM; preparation techniques; n/a