Power Electronics and Power Quality

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April 2020
336 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Power Electronics and Power Quality that was published in

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Power quality (PQ) is receiving more and more attention from consumers, distribution system operators, transmission system operators, and other entities related to electrical power systems. As PQ problems have direct implications for business productivity, causing high economic losses, the research and development monitoring technologies and power electronics solutions that ensure the PQ of the power systems are matters of utmost importance. This book is a collection of high quality papers published in the “Power Electronics and Power Quality” Special Issue of the journal Energies. It reflects on the latest investigations and the new trends in this field.
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high speed maglev; long-stator synchronous motor; propulsion inverter control system position estimator; distorted grid conditions; SGDFT; Lagrange-interpolation method; frequency adaption; SC; primary neutral integrity; multi-grounded neutral (MGN) system; neutral integrity detection; passive method; computer simulation; modeling; microinverter; photovoltaic systems; state-space model; power inverter; voltage source inverter; four-leg inverter; cost-effectiveness; current control; pulse width modulation; indirect matrix converter (IMC); input filter; input power factor; matrix converter (MC); space vector modulation (SVM); power quality; microgrid (MG); renewable power generation; superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES); energy shaping passivity (ESP)-based control; power semiconductor device; temperature; switching transients; variation in voltage; half-bridge inverters; digital control; hysteresis current control; switching frequency; optimization; static var compensator; series active filter; thyristor-controlled reactor; phase-leading capacitor; hybrid static var compensator; static synchronous compensator; hybrid active filter; Pulse Width Modulation (PWM); Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA); Total Harmonic Distortion (THD); harmonics; event detection; power quality; histogram; machine learning; wavelet transform; continuous particle swarm optimization (CPSO); overcurrent relay coordination (OCR); time multiplier setting (TMS); power system protection; protection relay; Simulink; Matlab; Omicron CMC 256plus; power quality; enerlyzer; comtrade; distance protection; Shunt Active Power Filter; digital control; harmonics; multilevel converter; power quality; p-q theory; robust control; DC-DC converter; constant power load; low voltage direct-current residential microgrid; Multiterminal HVDC; CSC; FBMMC; MMC; Hybrid HVDC; Full-bridge; power control; voltage control; DC short-circuit handling; hybrid power filter; power quality; reactive power