Optimization of Heat and Mass Exchange

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April 2020
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water friction loss; three-dimensional temperature field; numerical simulation; canned motor; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); ice storage; finned tube; natural convection; visualization experiment; numerical simulation; boiling; computational intelligence techniques; heat flux; optimization; plate-fin heat sink; partial heating; forced convection; multi-slip; Keller-Box technique; casson fluid; thermo-diffusion; axisymmetric flow; natural convection; flat plate; aspect ratio; orientation; vertical; horizontal; plate heat exchanger; numerical simulation; phase change; multiphase flow; heat transfer; axial piston pump; RNG k-ε model; flow distribution characteristics; PIV measurements; viscosity; crystallization; ice-cream; modelling; scraped surface heat exchanger; HEN synthesis; CACRS; operating condition; MINLP; optimization; n/a