Sensors and Techniques for 3D Object Modeling in Underwater Environments

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August 2016
388 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Sensors and Techniques for 3D Object Modeling in Underwater Environments that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
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underwater photogrammetry; multimedia photogrammetry; geometric modeling; accuracy analysis; photogrammetry; underwater imaging; eco-hydraulics; flow visualization and imaging; laboratory studies; plants reconfiguration; vegetated flows; underwater photogrammetry; visual odometry; ontologies; underwater archaeology; bubbles; methane; 3D reconstruction; stereo; underwater photogrammetry; flux; size distribution; rise speed; photogrammetry; video; 3D modeling; bundle adjustment; specular; non-rigid; dynamic; water; sinusoidal wave; camera; calibration; underwater; refraction; accuracy; validation; stability; 3D modeling; terrestrial laser scanning; multibeam echosounder; robust estimation; registration of underwater data; LiDAR; 3D reconstruction; stereo vision; structured light; laser stripe; LiDAR; structure from motion; underwater robotics; underwater 3D-scanner; fringe projection; underwater stereo camera calibration; marine USV; open prototype; bathymetry; shallow waters; Gegraphic Iinformation System (GIS) application; 3D bathymetric data elaboration; underwater; photogrammetry; camera calibration; depth of field; AUV; photogrammetry; camera; survey; deep sea; mapping; mosaicking; Photoscan; underwater 3D imaging; opto-acoustic vision; optical and acoustic integration; ROV navigation