Photovoltaic Materials and Electronic Devices

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July 2016
212 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Photovoltaic Materials and Electronic Devices that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
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III-V materials for solar cells; Si substrate; molecular beam epitaxy; solar cell; ceria nanoparticles; erbium dopant; up-conversion; conductivity; solar cells; dye-sensitized solar cells; nanorods; AZO film; transparent conducting oxide; indium tin oxide; plasmonics; wet etching; photovoltaics; optics; BiOI/TiO2; p-n heterojunction; nanofiber; photocatalysis; solar cells; front contact; TCO; metallization; modeling; solar cells; perovskites; X-ray diffraction; phase transitions; spectroscopic ellipsometry; hydrogenated silicon; infrared spectra; photovoltaic devices; dye-sensitized solar cells; polypyridines; Ru(II) complexes; terpyridines; quaterpyridines; organic solar cells; mixed additives; absorption; hole mobility