Quantum Information and Foundations

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March 2020
508 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Quantum Information and Foundations that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Computer Science & Mathematics
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Quantum information has dramatically changed information science and technology, looking at the quantum nature of the information carrier as a resource for building new information protocols, designing radically new communication and computation algorithms, and ultra-sensitive measurements in metrology, with a wealth of applications. From a fundamental perspective, this new discipline has led us to regard quantum theory itself as a special theory of information, and has opened routes for exploring solutions to the tension with general relativity, based, for example, on the holographic principle, on non-causal variations of the theory, or else on the powerful algorithm of the quantum cellular automaton, which has revealed new routes for exploring quantum fields theory, both as a new microscopic mechanism on the fundamental side, and as a tool for efficient physical quantum simulations for practical purposes. In this golden age of foundations, an astonishing number of new ideas, frameworks, and results, spawned by the quantum information theory experience, have revolutionized the way we think about the subject, with a new research community emerging worldwide, including scientists from computer science and mathematics.
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reconstruction of quantum theory; entanglement; monogamy; quantum non-locality; conserved informational charges; limited information; complementarity; characterization of unitary group and state spaces; algebraic quantum theory; C*-algebra; gelfand duality; classical context; bohrification; process theory; classical limit; purity; higher-order interference; generalised probabilistic theories; Euclidean Jordan algebras; Pauli exclusion principle; quantum foundations; X-ray spectroscopy; underground experiment; silicon drift detector; measurement uncertainty relations; relative entropy; position; momentum; quantum mechanics; the measurement problem; collapse models; X-rays; quantum gravity; discrete spacetime; causal sets; path summation; entropic gravity; physical computing models; complexity classes; causality; blind source separation (BSS); qubit pair; exchange coupling; entangled pure state; unentanglement criterion; probabilities in quantum measurements; independence of random quantum sources; iterant; Clifford algebra; matrix algebra; braid group; Fermion; Dirac equation; quantum information; quantum computation; semiclassical physics; quantum control; quantum genetic algorithm; sampling-based learning control (SLC); quantum foundations; relativity; quantum gravity; cluster states; multipartite entanglement; percolation; Shannon information; quantum information; quantum measurements; consistent histories; incompatible frameworks; single framework rule; probability theory; entropy; quantum relative entropy; quantum information; quantum mechanics; inference; quantum measurement; quantum estimation; macroscopic quantum measurement; quantum annealing; adiabatic quantum computing; hard problems; Hadamard matrix; binary optimization; reconstruction of quantum mechanics; conjugate systems; Jordan algebras; quantum correlations; Gaussian states; Gaussian unitary operations; continuous-variable systems; Wigner-friend experiment; no-go theorem; quantum foundations; interpretations of quantum mechanics; subsystem; agent; conservation of information; purification; group representations; commuting subalgebras; quantum walks; Hubbard model; Thirring model; quantum information; quantum foundations; quantum theory and gravity

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