Signal Processing and Analysis of Electrical Circuit

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March 2020
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This Special Issue with 35 published articles shows the significance of the topic “Signal Processing and Analysis of Electrical Circuit”. This topic has been gaining increasing attention in recent times. The presented articles can be categorized into four different areas: signal processing and analysis methods of electrical circuits; electrical measurement technology; applications of signal processing of electrical equipment; fault diagnosis of electrical circuits. It is a fact that the development of electrical systems, signal processing methods, and circuits has been accelerating. Electronics applications related to electrical circuits and signal processing methods have gained noticeable attention in recent times. The methods of signal processing and electrical circuits are widely used by engineers and scientists all over the world. The constituent papers represent a significant contribution to electronics and present applications that can be used in industry. Further improvements to the presented approaches are required for realizing their full potential.
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VMD; signal analysis; ICEEMD; IMF; random noise; attenuation; commutator motor; fault diagnosis; method; technique; signal processing; acoustic; Inner and outer product; tensor; FPGA; hardware; direct digital synthesizer (DDS); frequency tuning word (FTW); stability; accuracy; demodulation; phase-locked loop; Chebyshev filter; measurement noise suppression; class AB operation; CMOS; current mirror; current buffer; quasi floating gate; low power; CMOS; dynamic comparator; offset calibration; high speed; low noise; low power; ADC; all-pass filter; CMOS; time delay; broadband; true-time-delay; electrochemical impedance spectroscopy; FRA; multichannel acquisition; impedance spectrometry; microcontroller; intelligent vehicles; LiDAR odometry; range sensing; simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM); tilt sensor; sensor data fusion; complementary filters; overlap-add processing; spectral analysis; variational mode decomposition (VMD); duffing chaotic oscillator (DCO); permutation entropy (PE); feature extraction; frequency characteristic; underwater acoustic signal; ship-radiated noise; PM/PWM; capacitance-to-time conversion; differential capacitive sensor; brick-wall filter; fuzzy logic; induction motor; Shannon entropy; short-circuit fault; APF; CNFET; pole-frequency; chirality; phase angle; tuning; DC–DC converter; switched capacitor; power management integrated circuit; CMOS technology; frequency standard comparator; dual Mixing Time difference; phase difference; correlation function; chebyshev polynomial; compressed sensing; estimated sparsity; least squares solution; stochastic gradient; reconstruction probability; direct position determination; array signal processing; Doppler shifts; matrix eigen-perturbation theory; system errors; Cramér–Rao bound; differential power analysis (DPA), SIMON; fault injection; double rate; power randomization; intention of movement classification; EMG-Signals; Support Vector Machines; asynchronous; delay cell; passive resistor; SAR ADC; loop delay circuit; Resistance-to-Period converter; robust read-out circuits; ratiometric technique; Fresnel lens; wingbeat; insects; optoelectronics; bees; wasps; fruit flies; e-traps; analog-to-digital converter; successive approximation register; direct sampling; time-interleaved; channel-selection-embedded bootstrap; segmented pre-quantization and bypass; LVDS; high-speed serial interface; transmitter; receiver; low-power; image fusion; multi-sensor fusion; night vision; hierarchical heterogeneous multi-DAG workflow; multigroup scan; ultrasonic phased array; heterogeneous earliest finish time; resolver; discrete wavelet transform; singular value decomposition; automatic calibration; noise reduction; ripple voltage measurement; DAC; comparator; peak-ripple estimation; binary search; low-cost; secret image sharing; digital image; n-out-of-n scheme; color palette; colluder attack; image restoration; impulse noise; ADMM; HOCTVL1; spatially adapted regularization parameter; rod electrode; electrostatic induction; method of images; induced charge; induced current; 3D-IC design; NILT; TSV noise coupling; RDL; chain matrix; interconnect line; n/a