Philosophical Issues in Sport Science

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February 2020
140 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Philosophical Issues in Sport Science that was published in

Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities
The role and value of science within sport increases with ever greater professionalization and commercialization. Scientific and technological innovations are devised to increase performance, ensure greater accuracy of measurement and officiating, reduce risks of harm, enhance spectatorship, and raise revenues. However, such innovations inevitably come up against epistemological and metaphysical problems related to the nature of sport and physical competition. This Special Issue identifies and explores key and contemporary philosophical issues in relation to the science of sport and exercise. It is divided into three sections: 1. Scientific evidence, causation, and sport; 2. Science technology and sport officiating; and 3. Scientific influences on the construction of sport. It brings together scholars working on philosophical problems in sport to examine issues related to the values and assumptions behind sport and exercise science and key problems resulting from these and to provide recommendations for improving its practice.
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elite sports; sport nutrition; standards of evidence; evidence-based practices; randomized controlled trials; philosophy of medicine; casuistry; umpiring and refereeing; technological assistance to match officials; justice and continuity in match officiating; ball trackers; goal-line technology; football; cricket; tennis; transgender; trans women; sport; testosterone; gender; gender binary; sports tournaments; team rankings; intransitive dominance; win-loops; social choice theory; Condorcet’s paradox; championship pluralism; technology; running; fairness; competition; accuracy; officiating; justice; the human element; technology; Hawk-Eye; aesthetics of sports; counterfactuals; absence causation; causal necessity; causal contingency; david kellogg lewis; prelusory goal; possible sport worlds; metaphysics of sport; causation in sport; sport ethics; technology; the spirit of sport; excellence; anti-doping; nature; governance; ethics; testosterone; discrimination; integrity; science; fair-play; sport; athletics; exercise science; philosophy; sport psychology; materialism; Aristotle; causation and nature; exercise professional; professional knowledge; health; wellbeing; philosophy; medicalization; scientism; biomedicine; sport science; epistemology; ontology; causation; technology; evidence

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