Sensors for Food Safety and Quality

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May 2016
334 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Sensors for Food Safety and Quality that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
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electronic aroma detection; e-nose; fruit volatiles; volatile organic compounds; peanut meal DEH; taste assessment; electronic tongue; qualitative analysis; discrimination; quantitative prediction; correlation; PCA; DFA; PLS; RBFNN; Vis/NIR; fruit quality; chemometrics; discrimination; characteristic wavelength; SSC; acidity; fruits; vegetables; dielectric; quality; sensing; non-destructive; wine; wireless; sensor network; temperature; ullage; wine sensing; olive oil authentication; olive oil adulteration; artificial sensorial system; food quality control; gas analysis; liquid analysis; BIONOTE (BIOsensor-based multisensorial system for mimicking Nose; Tongue and Eyes); taste sensor; lipid; surface; FTIR; XPS; GCIB-TOF-SIMS; alcohol acetaldehyde dehydrogenase; Listeria adhesion protein; Listeria species; PCR; detection; BARDOT; fluorescent dye; bioassay; food study; microarray; signaling pathway; antibody microarray; bacteria; centrifugation; fluorescence; immunoassay; multiwell; microtiter plate; multiplex; toxin; nanoparticle; detection; portable; sensor; food contamination; toxicity; drip loss; microwave; sensor; water holding capacity; pork loin; meat processing