Energy Policy and Climate Change

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May 2016
648 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Energy Policy and Climate Change that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
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review; energy consumption; energy conservation; household energy use; pro-environmental behavior; psychology; motivation; behavior change; fossil fuel energy forecasting; power generation; LSSVM; quantum harmony search algorithm (QHSA); lamps; ballasts; dimmable lighting systems; twilight switch; energy efficiency; Total Site Heat Integration; Pinch Analysis; pressure drops; utility distribution; pumping; Window to Wall Ratio (WWR); window; horizontal shading; venetian blind; office buildings; energy; shadow price; energy efficiency; energy policy; climate change; carbon tax; macroeconomic models; Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE); generation expansion planning; non-conventional renewable energy; emission mitigation; AIM/CGE model; renewable energy; emission trading; carbon taxes; renewables; energy; investors; Chile; barriers; CO2 emissions; total control; reduction pressure; regional differences; distribution; guarantee of origin; electricity disclosure; residual mix; smart city; green economy; energy efficiency; renewable energy sources; legal framework; directives; regulations; soft law; public opinion; environmentalism; postmaterialism; climate change; globalization; cluster theory; renewable energy; innovation; geothermal; maintenance; electricity market; investments; social institution; European Energy Union; security of supply; capacity markets; wind farm wake; offshore; satellite; SAR; remote sensing; biomass; sustainability; neutral carbon society; environmental impact; social impact; co-combustion; co-gasification; biomass pre-treatment; supply chain; energy policy; energy management; energy management system; industry; energy efficiency; situated action; transaction analysis; climate policy; innovation/diffusion; multi-level governance; European Union; n/a; Densified Biomass Solid Fuel (DBSF); biomass; DBSF industry; policy analysis; China; small hydropower; small reservoirs; natural and altered flow regime; hydrograph ramping; hydro turbines; solar power; battery; cost; unsubsidized; policy; United Kingdom; water-energy nexus; thermoelectric power; biofuels; policy; renewable energy; renewable energy investments; Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC); renewable energy policy; small and medium wind turbines; wind resource map; spatial interpolation; Simple Kriging; Flanders; energy infrastructure projects; transport infrastructure projects; public acceptance and protests; energy transition; electricity grids; renewables; carbon management; fossil fuel divestment; strategic decision-making; sustainability investment; stranded assets; German power sector; carbon budget; gas hydrates; CO2 storage; Portugal; seabed sediments; climate change mitigation; n/a

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