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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue MEMS/NEMS Sensors: Fabrication and Application that was published in

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Due to the ever-expanding applications of micro/nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS) as sensors and actuators, interest in their development has rapidly expanded over the past decade. Encompassing various excitation and readout schemes, the MEMS/NEMS devices transduce physical parameter changes, such as temperature, mass or stress, caused by changes in desired measurands, to electrical signals that can be further processed. Some common examples of NEMS/MEMS sensors include pressure sensors, accelerometers, magnetic field sensors, microphones, radiation sensors, and particulate matter sensors.

Despite a long history of development, fabrication of novel MEMS/NEMS devices still poses unique challenges due to their requirement for a suspended geometry; and many new fabrication techniques have been proposed to overcome these challenges. However, further development of these techniques is still necessary, as newer materials such as compound semiconductors, and 2-dimensional materials are finding their way in various MEMS/NEMS applications, with more complex structures and potentially smaller dimensions.

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thermoelectric power sensor; wideband; GaAs MMIC; MEMS; floating slug; back cavity; microwave measurement; MEMS; high temperature pressure sensors; AlGaN/GaN circular HFETs; GaN diaphragm; adaptive control; backstepping approach; tracking performance; microgyroscope; resonant frequency; resistance parameter; micro fluidic; oil detection; MEMS; microactuator; magnetic; micro-NIR spectrometer; scanning grating mirror; deflection position detector; dual-mass MEMS gyroscope; frequency tuning; frequency split; quadrature modulation signal; frequency mismatch; suspended micro hotplate; single-layer SiO2; temperature uniformity; power consumption; infrared image; MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system); inertial switch; acceleration switch; threshold accuracy; squeeze-film damping; photonic crystal cavity; photonic crystal nanobeam cavity; optical sensor; refractive index sensor; nanoparticle sensor; optomechanical sensor; temperature sensor; Accelerometer readout; low noise; low zero-g offset; microfluidic; femtosecond laser; rapid fabrication; glass welding; bonding strength; accelerometer design; spring design; analytical model; gas sensor; micropellistor; microdroplet; pulse inertia force; methane; tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH); wet etching; silicon; 3D simulation; level-set method; single crystal silicon; anisotropy; vibrating ring gyroscope; frequency split; accelerometer; tunnel magnetoresistive effect; electrostatic force feedback; n/a

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