Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems

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November 2019
496 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems that was published in

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Energy Systems Engineering is one of the most exciting and fastest growing fields in engineering. Modeling and simulation plays a key role in Energy Systems Engineering because it is the primary basis on which energy system design, control, optimization, and analysis are based. This book contains a specially curated collection of recent research articles on the modeling and simulation of energy systems written by top experts around the world from universities and research labs, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, National Energy Technology Laboratory of the US Department of Energy, University of Technology Sydney, McMaster University, Queens University, Purdue University, the University of Connecticut, Technical University of Denmark, the University of Toronto, Technische Universität Berlin, Texas A&M, the University of Pennsylvania, and many more. The key research themes covered include energy systems design, control systems, flexible operations, operational strategies, and systems analysis. The addressed areas of application include electric power generation, refrigeration cycles, natural gas liquefaction, shale gas treatment, concentrated solar power, waste-to-energy systems, micro-gas turbines, carbon dioxide capture systems, energy storage, petroleum refinery unit operations, Brayton cycles, to name but a few.

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cogeneration; process integration; solar energy; thermal storage; desalination; optimization; naphtha recovery unit; statistical model; simulation; optimization; concentrating solar thermal; CST; concentrating solar power; CSP; parabolic trough; PTC; thermal storage; industrial process heat; hybrid solar; power plants; supervisory control; dynamic simulation; dynamic optimization; optimal control; post-combustion CO2 capture; energy efficiency; time-varying operation; shale gas condensate; process synthesis and design; shale gas condensate-to-heavier liquids; technoeconomic analysis; supercritical carbon dioxide; recompression cycle; combined cycle; efficiency; organic Rankine cycle; exergy loss; second law efficiency; auto thermal reformer; palladium membrane hydrogen separation; polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC); multi-loop control; nonsmooth modeling; process simulation; DMR liquefaction processes; fuel cost minimization problem; FCMP; piecewise-linear function generation; linearization; natural gas transportation; compressor modeling; compressibility factor; isentropic exponent; friction factor; demand response; energy management; energy storage; optimal battery operation; battery degradation; micro gas turbine; modelling; diagnostics, gas path analysis, analysis by synthesis; circulating fluidized bed boiler; refuse derived fuel; waste to energy; dynamic modeling; process control; dynamic modeling; process control; load-following; supercritical pulverized coal (SCPC); cycling; time-delay; smith predictor; energy systems; modeling and simulation; multi-scale systems engineering; sustainable process design; energy economics; top-down models; hybrid Life Cycle Assessment; oil and gas; offshore wind; combined cycle; hybrid system; kriging; multi-objective optimisation; solar PV; wind power; life cycle analysis; energy storage; multiphase equilibrium; RK-ASPEN; methyl-oleate; biodiesel; supercritical CO2; WHENS; work and heat integration; building blocks; superstructure; MINLP; absorption refrigeration; H2O-LiBr working pair; double-effect system; cost optimization; nonlinear mathematical programming; Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC); geothermal energy; binary cycle; R245fa; R123; mixture ratio; Dieng; Indonesia; modeling; simulation; energy; energy systems; process systems engineering; optimization; process design; operations