Fractional Order Systems

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October 2019
114 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Fractional Order Systems that was published in

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This book is focused on fractional order systems. Historically, fractional calculus has been recognized since the inception of regular calculus, with the first written reference dated in September 1695 in a letter from Leibniz to L’Hospital. Nowadays, fractional calculus has a wide area of applications in areas such as physics, chemistry, bioengineering, chaos theory, control systems engineering, and many others. In all those applications, we deal with fractional order systems in general. Moreover, fractional calculus plays an important role even in complex systems and therefore allows us to develop better descriptions of real-world phenomena. On that basis, fractional order systems are ubiquitous, as the whole real world around us is fractional. Due to this reason, it is urgent to consider almost all systems as fractional order systems.  This Special Issue explores applications of such systems to control, synchronization, and various mathematical models, as for instance, MRI, long memory process, diffusion.

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anomalous diffusion; complexity; magnetic resonance imaging; fractional calculus; fractional complex networks; adaptive control; pinning synchronization; time-varying delays; impulses; reaction–diffusion terms; fractional calculus; mass absorption; diffusion-wave equation; Caputo derivative; harmonic impact; Laplace transform; Fourier transform; Mittag-Leffler function; fractional calculus; fractional-order system; long memory; time series; Hurst exponent; fractional; control; PID; parameter; meaning; audio signal processing; linear prediction; fractional derivative; musical signal; optimal randomness; swarm-based search; cuckoo search; heavy-tailed distribution; global optimization

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