Membrane and Membrane Reactors Operations in Chemical Engineering

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June 2019
154 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Membrane and Membrane Reactors Operations in Chemical Engineering that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

This Special Issue is aimed at highlighting the potentialities of membrane and membrane reactor operations in various sectors of chemical engineering, based on application of the process intensification strategy. In all of the contributions, the principles of process intensification were pursued during the adoption of membrane technology, demonstrating how it may lead to the development of redesigned processes that are more compact and efficient while also being more environmental friendly, energy saving, and amenable to integration with other green processes.

This Special Issue comprises a number of experimental and theoretical studies dealing with the application of membrane and membrane reactor technology in various scientific fields of chemical engineering, such as membrane distillation for wastewater treatment, hydrogen production from reforming reactions via inorganic membrane and membrane photoassisted reactors, membrane desalination, gas/liquid phase membrane separation of CO2, and membrane filtration for the recovery of antioxidants from agricultural byproducts, contributing to valorization of the potentialities of membrane operations.

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membrane engineering; hydrogen production; CO2 conversion; gas/liquid separation; micro direct methanol fuel cell (µDMFC); porous membranes; micro channel; two-phase flow; micro contactor; separator; water splitting; Z-scheme; photocatalysis; photocatalytic membrane reactor; hydrogen; on-board; steam reforming; ethanol; methane; membrane reactor; palladium; modeling; membrane distillation; wastewater treatment; membrane configuration; fouling renewable heat sources; membrane reactor; Pd-based membrane; hydrogen; steam reforming; solar energy; microfiltration (MF); ultrafiltration (UF); orange press liquor; clarification; multivariate analysis; advanced separations; desalination; hydrogel composite membranes; ionic liquids membranes; membrane distillation