Computer Science and Engineering Education for Pre-collegiate Students and Teachers

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June 2019
142 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Computer Science and Engineering Education for Pre-collegiate Students and Teachers that was published in

Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

Now more than ever, as a worldwide STEM community, we need to know what pre-collegiate teachers and students explore, learn, and implement in relation to computer science and engineering education. As computer science and engineering education are not always “stand-alone” courses in pre-collegiate schools, how are pre-collegiate teachers and students learning about these topics? How can these subjects be integrated? Explore six articles in this book that directly relate to the currently hot topics of computer science and engineering education as they tie into pre-collegiate science, technology, and mathematics realms. There is a systematic review article to set the stage of the problem. Following this overview are two teacher-focused articles on professional development in computer science and entrepreneurship venture training. The final three articles focus on varying levels of student work including pre-collegiate secondary students’ exploration of engineering design technology, future science teachers’ (collegiate students) perceptions of engineering, and pre-collegiate future engineers’ exploration of environmental radioactivity. All six articles speak to computer science and engineering education in pre-collegiate forums, but blend into the collegiate world for a look at what all audiences can bring to the conversation about these topics.

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physics education; laboratory activity; environmental radioactivity; nuclear engineering experiment; Web-GIS platform; scintillator detector; Android app; in-situ measurements; computer science application; γ-ray spectroscopy; engineering education; preservice teacher beliefs; perceptions; secondary science; NGSS; learner analysis; K-12 teachers; science; technology; engineering; mathematics (STEM) education; engineering design technology; students’ alternative conceptions; conceptual change; conceptual assessment items; inquiry-based science and technology; learner-centered pedagogy; assessment tool; challenge-based learning; engineering design process; student engagement; online professional development training; coaching; computer science education; computer science; computer science integration; pre-collegiate teacher; K–12 teacher; science education; engineering education; pre-college computing activities; pre-college engineering activities; pre-college STEM activities; K–12; literature review; computing outreach; engineering outreach; STEM outreach

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