Updates in Pediatric Sleep and Child Psychiatry

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May 2019
160 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Updates in Pediatric Sleep and Child Psychiatry that was published in

Medicine & Pharmacology
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Sleep-related symptoms are common in the majority of psychiatric diagnostic categories. The overlap of sleep and psychiatric disorders have been demonstrated in numerous studies. The understanding of sleep and child psychiatry has progressively evolved in the last decade and newer insights have developed regarding the complex interaction between sleep and psychopathology. This collection of articles represents updates on sleep and psychiatric disorders with medical and neurological co-morbidities in children and adolescents.

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Theory of Mind; sleep; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; executive functions; emotional information processing cognition; social functioning; sleep disordered breathing; obstructive sleep apnea; children; attention; learning; behavior; adolescent; cannabis; sleep; interventions; traumatic brain injury; anxiety; depression; post-traumatic stress; attention deficit disorder; sleep–wake disorders; narcolepsy; schizophrenia; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; depression; anxiety; psychiatric disorders; child psychiatry; sleep problems; medical education; sleep; mental health; electroencephalography (EEG); children; adolescents; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); anxiety; autism; arousal; insomnia; adolescents; adolescence; teenagers; delayed sleep phase; cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I); sleep disturbance; psychosis; schizophrenia; pediatric sleep; multidisciplinary; pediatric sleep; anticipatory guidance; Acute illness; children; circadian disturbance; mechanical ventilation; melatonin; non-pharmacologic management; pediatric intensive care unit; screening; sedation; autism spectrum disorder; sleep disorders in ASD; medications for sleep disorders in ASD; comorbidities in ASD

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