Carbon Fibers

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May 2015
190 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Carbon Fibers that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences
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cellulose; carbon fibers; surface characterization; mechanical properties; microstructure; composites; porosity evaluation; flash thermography; titania loading; one-dimensional nanostructured; sub-ppm aromatic; BTEX; carbon nanofiber; viscoelastic; strain gauge; low weight; porous; electrically conductive; hydrophobic; fiber reinforced composites; carbon fibers; drilling; thrust force; delamination; radiography; computational image processing and analysis; bearing test; carbon fiber; carbon nanofilaments; fiber reinforced composites; mechanical properties; drilling; woven CFRPs; surface quality; wear; Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRPs); drilling; modeling; thermal effects; carbon nanotubes; functionalization; woven fabric; epoxy; FTIR; toughness; carbon; entangled; nanofibers; CFRP stay cables; long span; cable-stayed bridge; static characteristics; dynamic characteristics

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