Thermophiles and Thermozymes

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April 2019
198 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Thermophiles and Thermozymes that was published in

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Interest in the study of life in hot environments, both with respect to the inhabiting microorganisms and the enzymes they produce, is currently very high. The biological mechanisms responsible for the resistance to high temperatures are not yet fully understood, whereas thermostability is a highly required feature for industrial applications. In this e-book, the invited authors provide diverse evidence contributing to the understanding of such mechanisms and the unlocking of the biotechnological potential of thermophiles and thermozymes.

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Brevibacillus sp. OA30; thermophilic; hot spring; Algeria; protease; characterization; Vallitalea guaymasensis; hydrothermal vent; syntrophy; whole-genome sequence; cellulases; thermophiles; metagenomics; biotechnology; Thermostable; xylanase; Geobacillus; lignocellulosic biomass; ethanol; thermophilic proteins; protein engineering; protein stability; evolvability; Candida rugosa; lipase; kinetic; interfacial activation; inhibition; dimerization; structure; molecular tunnels; enzyme structure; enzyme activity; temperature; thermophile; thermophily; enzyme thermostability; archaea; methylation; pseudouridine; RNA modification; tRNA methyltransferase; tRNA modification; insertion sequence; transposons; transposases; HGT; Thermus; thermophiles; mobilome; n/a