Beyond Techno-Utopia: Critical Approaches to Digital Health Technologies

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July 2015
168 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Beyond Techno-Utopia: Critical Approaches to Digital Health Technologies that was published in

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personal analytics; visibility; self-optimization; Quantified Self; data double; data visualizations; participatory research; Aboriginal; digital; health literacy; health communication; transdisciplinary; public pedagogy; mobile health; mHealth; digital health; body; prosthetics; technology; learning; social media; blogging; Multiple Sclerosis; Health 2.0; qualitative research; applications; digital health; social media; pregnancy; mothering; responsibilisation; ICT; public health surveillance; epidemiology; syndromic surveillance; discourse; telehealthcare; identification; sensemaking; organization; digital health; digital technologies; health and illness; self-tracking; quantified self; labour; digital health; mobile apps; health and medicine; critical perspectives; sociology; digital health; critical perspectives; social sciences