Recent Advances in Water and Wastewater Treatment with Emphasis in Membrane Treatment Operations

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April 2019
230 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Recent Advances in Water and Wastewater Treatment with Emphasis in Membrane Treatment Operations that was published in

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The present Special Issue brings together recent research findings from renowned scientists in the field of water treatment and assembled contributions on advanced technologies applied to the treatment of wastewater and drinking water, with emphasis on novel membrane treatment technologies. 12 research contributions have highlighted various processes and technologies, which can achieve effective treatment and purification of wastewater and of drinking water, aiming (occasionally) for water reuse. The main topics which are analyzed are the use of novel type membranes in bioreactors, the use of modified membranes, for example using vacuum membrane distillation, the fouling of membranes, the problem of arsenic, antimony and chromium contamination in groundwaters and its removal and the use of novel technologies for more efficient ozonation.
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ultrafiltration; hollow fibre; natural organic matter (NOM); coagulation; optical sensors; Membrane Bioreactor; hollow fiber membranes; TMP; backwash duration; temperature; membrane fouling; hexavalent chromium; second cheese whey; winery effluents; co-treatment; trickling biofilter; crossflow membrane filtration; produced water treatment; fouling; modeling; process control; separation; multiphase; vacuum membrane distillation; desalination; bioethanol recovery; modeling; arsenic adsorption; small sized powdered ferric hydroxide; granular ferric hydroxide; water matrix; adsorption kinetics; drinking water; water crisis; biofilm membrane bioreactor; membrane fouling; operation; ceramic membranes; multivariate statistics; membrane filtration; membrane fouling; cake resistance; membrane resistance; sodium alginate; microfiltration; xDLVO theory; HA–BSA mixtures; interaction energy; membrane fouling; solution conditions; antimony treatment; Sb(III); Sb(V); Fe-based coagulants; polluted waters; ozonation; membranes; polydimethylsiloxane; mass transfer; wastewater treatment; water treatment; peroxone; membranes; adsorption; natural organic matter; arsenic; chromate; antimony; ozonation; municipal wastewater sludge; dewatering; particle size distribution